Southern Henan Province Chamber of Commerce Visited Lingrui Group for In-depth Investigation and Research

By Zhan Ziqiang, Guo Nengyang

On August 12 - 13, in the company of Lv Lv, secretary of Xin County Committee Shi Yesheng, Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Xin County Hu Guangzhi, Xin County Standing Committee member and Director of United Front Work Department of Xin County Zeng Qingzhu, Southern Henan Province Chamber of Commerce honorary president, Deputy Chief of Staff in Jinan Military District and branch presidents of Southern Henan Province Chamber of Commerce visited Xinyang in-depth where the oral medicine and universal health production site is located. They also visited Lvda ShanCha 


Camellia Oil Company in Xin County, the fentanyl transdermal patch production base and medical equipment science and the technology park, where billions of patch products are located for inspection and research. Later on, they held a symposium with the business management team of Lingrui Group.

During the symposium, Chairman Shi Yesheng welcomed leaders and entrepreneurs from the southern Henan Chamber of Commerce who came to Xin County. He said, Xin County is rich in red and green resources; it is a county which has produced many famous Army Generals, the cradle of the Huang-Ma uprising, the seat of the capital of the Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area. Forest coverage in Xin County is 76.7%. In Xin County, wildflowers blossom in spring; mountains and forests are all tinged with the color of autumn, creating picturesque scenery in all four seasons. Entrepreneurs from Southern Henan Chamber of Commerce were welcomed to invest in Xin County. Lingrui Pharmaceutical was first listed company in the Hubei-Henan-Anhui old revolutionary base areas and the powerhouse of national rubber ointment medicine, in accordance with our development goal —"hundred years Lingrui, 10 billion Sales,", while succeeding in business ventures, Lingrui Group never forgets to assume social responsibility and promote the development of the local community. He hoped that Lingrui Group would become the bridge between the southern Henan Chamber of Commerce and the Xin County.


During the meeting, entrepreneurs from the Southern Henan Chamber of Commerce gave a lot of suggestions on how Lingrui Group could tap into the capital market to apply expansion strategies, research enhancement, and enrichment of the grand health industrial chain.


Xiong, Weizheng, Lingrui Group Chairman of the Board thanked the leaders and entrepreneurs for their suggestions. He said that in the process of development, Lingrui experienced much turbulence. Thanks to supporting from all-level party committees and governments, and the compassion of the people in Xin County, Lingrui is as successful as it is today. Chairman Xiong wished that entrepreneurs from the Southern Henan Chamber of Commerce would invest in Xin County, and promised that Lingrui Group will be here together to fight for poverty alleviation and to continue to make contributions to economic and social development in Xin County.