Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd: Awarding Employee Innovation

Recently, in order to promote progress and innovation among our employees, Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has started the “Employee Outstanding Innovation Award” initiative to two projects. The news was not only announced and vigorously promoted within the company, but also distributed and commended in the form of corporate documents. 

This year, leading plaster patch products such as the Lingrui Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patches, Pain Relieving Plaster Patch for Injury and Rheumatism are in high production and demand. With this strong momentum of development, production, quality control, and technological innovation were brought to a new level. A number of exemplary cases of innovation emerged. 

In the plaster patch production department's extraction workshop, there is always a danger of mistaking the discharge and input switches on the control panel of the extraction tank. Through thorough site inspection and after careful consideration, the extraction team leader Jian Xu made the suggestion of applying a dual-valve control measure and implementing a new valve on the discharge switch system. After the input port closes, the user would close this new valve, thereby avoiding the opening of the discharge port during the feeding process. The application of this technical adjustment significantly improved the safety of the work environment. 

In the coding process of the packing workshop, some information cannot be accurately printed. This results in unqualified products and increased production costs, which not only affect the quality of products but also cause material waste and put a damper on production efficiency. Maintenance worker Jidong Fang, with a strong sense of responsibility and after repeated observation, reinforced the screws on the page break device from 1 to 2 sets and installed a set of adjustment bolts that can adjust the height according to the thickness of different packaging in print. After this technical improvement, packaging can be more conveniently fixed on the conveyor belt, so that 

the print information will be printed more accurately in the specified location, thus saving both time and energy. 

Currently, the company’s new plaster patch plant based on the hot-pressing method has been put into operation. The Fentanyl chemical plaster patch project has commenced the trial period. The company’s leading products, Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patches, and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch for Injury and Rheumatism have been inducted into “The Healthy China, China’s Pharmaceutical Brand List”, and have gained a solid foothold on the plaster patch medication industry of the country. 

According to the company’s general manager assistant, the vice general manager of the plaster patch production department Jiashu Jiang, Lingrui Pharma. has always welcomed and encouraged innovation in all aspects, especially those involving difficult problems in production and operation environments. In recent years, Lingrui Pharma. has built a platform for employees to show their talents and values, carrying out a wide range of activities such as submitting proposals and conducting innovative competitions. We have even set up the “Employee Outstanding Innovation Award” to encourage employees to study and overcome technical problems by offering their own unique solutions. The scope of this includes management process reform, technological improvement, energy efficiency, safe production environments, repair and recycle corporate culture construction, etc. Through this initiative, Lingrui Pharma. is able to focus on scientific growth and business development, and endeavours to truly incorporate scientific spirit and new innovative ideas into its large scale decision-making.