Lingrui Pharma. Stands out on CPEO Summit 2017

The theme of the August 2017 CPEO Summit was “Drawing Blueprints - Market Focus and Growing Demand” was held in the luxurious Hainan Boao BFA Hotel. The CPEO Summit has been an annual event for a decade, and every year its brand exhibitions grow larger in scale, with higher standards for quality. Ling Rui Pharma. was invited to participate in CPEO Summit 2017, to showcase Patch Products, Oral Liquid, Great Health, Lvda Camellia Oil and other brands to provide a better understanding for our pharmaceutical counterparts and retailers with strong management and development programs.


At Lingrui Pharma's display booth, people followed one after another to test our products and try our samples. Many management staff of major retail chains in the industry were also attracted by all the commotion. They offered high praise on Lingrui's extensive line of products and brands.


On August 17th, General Manager of Lingrui Pharma Mr. Xiong Wei accepted the invitation from Sinohealth, the host of CPEO Summit 2017, to attend “Glory & Mission - Grand Celebration for CPEO Summit 10th Anniversary”. As a new face in the field, he took the initiative to spur 

development in the health industry. Encouraging the new generation of large representatives as rising stars, he bravely undertook the mission of protecting people's health and eventually passing the torch of responsibility to the new blood of the industry!


In the time before the next summit, Xiong Wei took the opportunity to lead the marketing team of Patch Products to actively get involved with customers to promote pain relief patches and the "Two Tigers" series of products, practicing the corporate strategy of focusing on the external plaster field of international drug suppliers.

On August 18th, Mr. Xiong Wei and Mr. Ruan Hongxian, chairman of Hongxiang Yixintang in Yunnan, discussed their ideas in the ever-changing environment of pharmaceutical industry trends, strategic cooperation and other topics in-depth. Vice General Manager Liu Xingguo, Wang Xiaofeng, and other staff from the plaster business management team also attended the meeting and offered their input.


The “Healthy China·Brand List” are known as the Oscars of the pharmaceutical industry. The awards will be officially announced during the CPEO Summit of 2017, on the evening of August 18. Pain relief patches have been consecutively nominated for seven years on the external patch brand list. Not surprisingly, it is still on the list this year.

From here, we would like to cordially extend our invitation for you to visit our booth. We will be expecting to enjoy lovely weather in Boao, Hainan during the CPEO Summit, we look forward to meeting you to discuss industry prospects and further cooperation down the line!