Care for All, Suffering for None Lingrui Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch Wins "Top Ten OTC Outstanding Innovation Award"

On December 7-9, 2017, the 14th China Self-Medication Annual Conference, sponsored by the China Non-Prescription Drug Association was held in Nanjing International Convention & Exhibition Center in Jiangsu Province. The president of the China Non-prescription Drug Association, secretary general, presidential unit, vice presidential unit, governing unit, industry experts, and guests of more than 200 from some provincial and municipal pharmaceutical industry associations attended the annual meeting.


Innovation is the foundation of the sustained and healthy development of country, industry, and enterprise, and it is the core aspect of competitiveness. In order to better implement the party's Nineteenth Congress on innovative construction, as well as devise new development strategies and concepts, the Chinese OTC Association combined OTC product innovation and launched the first ever Most Innovative OTC Varieties Contest. On December 7, in the presence of participating guests, the organizer China Non-prescription Drugs Association proudly announced that it had won the "Outstanding Innovation Award" and "Excellent Innovation Award" for their products and manufacturing enterprises. After being selected by the industry, internet voting and expert rating, Lingrui Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch won the "Top Ten OTC Outstanding Innovation Award".

In the award speech of Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch, the organizers noted that: formulation and process improvements are the lifeblood of the product, and even more valuable is the long-term exploration of new approaches to drug administration and intake methods, leading to tremendous consumer success; an important affirmation of the values and innovations of the Lingui Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch.


Top Ten Chinese Medicine Orthopedics

The conference also announced the 2017 annual comprehensive statistics ranking of non-prescription pharmaceutical manufacturers and products in China. Lingrui Pharmaceutical won 29th place. At the same time, Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch, Musk Bone-strengthening and Pain-relieving Plaster Patch and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch for Injury and Rheumatism were nominated in the Top Ten Chinese Medicine Orthopedics categories, highlighting Lingrui Pharmaceutical's focus on ointment industry as well as their ability and determination to foster a national brand. 

The conference’s theme of “brand and innovation” focused on interpreting key pharmaceutical policies, sharing the OTC industry's traditional, modern and professional brand innovation experience in new environments; while placing emphasis on OTC technological innovation and international market expansion, exploring all opportunities in the OTC industry for future change. This way, new ideas are constantly coming to the forefront for businesses.