Lingrui Pharmaceutical Signs Annual Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jiuzhoutong Medical Group

The rivers once again flow with life, and the flowers are once again in full bloom with the arrival of spring. The land of Jianghuai in March is covered with plains of grass. Lush green vegetation can be seen blanketing the mountains. 


Liu Yichang, executive president of Jiuzhoutong Medical Group, drove to the famed Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Henan province to participate in the 2018 annual strategic meeting. He was warmly welcomed by General Manager Xiong Wei, Sales Manager Liu Xingguo, and the entire management staff of Lingrui. The two parties conducted negotiations at the joint base of Lingrui 10 billion plaster and signed an annual strategic agreement to further mutual cooperation. 

Huang Yan, from the procurement department of the Jiuzhoutong Medicine Group headquarters, presented various illustrations of sales reports showcasing the success achieved in recent years. Most notably, the deepening of cooperation between the two parties in the past year was highlighted, along with an expressed desire to put forward specific strategies and initiatives for deepening cooperation with each other in 2018. President Liu Yichang briefly introduced the three-year development plan of Jiuzhoutong Medical Group, as well as provided an overview of the company’s current situation. He expressed a strong willingness to strengthen the extent of collaboration between the two sides, continuously 


explore new avenues of cooperation, share resources, and work together to strengthen and expand. 

Xiong Wei expressed sincere thanks to Jiuzhoutong Medical Group for their strong support for Lingrui over the years. He re-affirmed the great achievements made by the two sides in doing fine work in their journey to become stronger and better brands. He also highly praised Jiuzhoutong for keeping up with the times, continuously evolving and innovating in order to transform the way they do business. Mr. Xiong expressed the desire to learn from one another and work hard to enhance service awareness, and to jointly promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Liu Xingguo also introduced specific measures undertaken in Lingrui's marketing reforms. By integrating resources and making joint efforts to expand the market and accelerate product turnover, he is full of confidence that the annual strategic goals will be reached. 


Through in-depth communication and exchanges, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 2018, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of strong alliances, deepen cooperation, and a future which benefits both parties. It laid a strong foundation for deepening the strategic cooperation between them to a new level. 

During the meeting, Liu Yichang and his delegation visited the Lingrui Exhibition Hall, the production base of Lingrui's 100 billion paste ointment, Lingrui Science and Technology Museum, and Lingrui Herbarium. He highly praised the continuous development and growth of Lingrui 

Pharmaceuticals, affirming the rapid development of Lingrui as well as the positive effects and outstanding contributions to regional economic and social development, especially in the fight to help Xin County escape poverty.