Lingrui Pharmaceutical Awarded "Listed Companies of China Outstanding Targeted Poverty Alleviation"

On November 23, 2017, a special event known as the “2017 Targeted Poverty Alleviation by Listed Companies in China Tour Report” was held in Beijing. It was sponsored by several financial entities and entitled “Return to the Rediscovery of Industrial Value”. With high-level leaders of hundreds of listed companies in the country, professionals from all walks of life, and dozens of mainstream media as witnesses, the event organizers announced the winners of the 2017 Listed Companies of China Outstanding Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Innovation Awards. Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2017 Listed Companies of China Outstanding Targeted Poverty Alleviation "; Mr. Wu Xizhen, a director and deputy general manager at Lingrui Pharmaceuticals, represented the company and introduced the practice of the company's active participation in poverty alleviation in Xin County in recent years. 


The candidates that are eligible for this award includes publicly listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, Hong Kong publicly listed companies, Chinese-funded companies listed overseas and their shareholders. It will focus on analyzing the achievements made by the Poverty Alleviation Program in nine areas such as industrial development, diverting employment, relocation, health, ecological protection, basic income guarantees, financial support, education, and social poverty alleviation. 

Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a listed company located in Xin County, Henan Province, in the southern Dabie Mountains of Henan Province. Due to its outstanding achievements in poverty alleviation and development, the company 

has won awards such as “National Leading Poverty Alleviation Enterprise” and “Advanced Collective of National Poverty Alleviation and Development”. 

In recent years, the targeted poverty alleviation practice of Lingrui Pharmaceuticals has been mainly reflected in Industrial poverty alleviation and public benefit poverty alleviation, etc. First is industry alleviation. The industrial sector invested in by enterprises has been providing employment for poor households throughout the years. The company is also actively involved in the production of Chinese herbal medicines (breeding), herbal tea and mushroom sauce, etc.; the parent company Lingrui Group has established Lvda Camellia Oil Company to expand the camellia tree planting and camellia oil processing industry chain, as well as enhance local poverty eradication. The second is public benefit poverty alleviation. As early as the beginning of 2008, Mr. Xiong Weizheng, chairman of Lingrui Group, led the company's management team to donate money and set up the Henan Lingrui Poverty Alleviation Foundation, and used it as a platform to actively organize poverty alleviation, bridge and road construction, donations to aid the elderly and disabled, rescue and disaster relief, care for left-behind children in poverty-stricken areas, supporting the public health activities of Tibet and Xinjiang, etc. 

In February 2017, Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., along with 11 capital market entities such as Muyuan, Zhengzhou National Investment, and Zhongyuan Securities, established the Zhong Zheng Jiao Tong Poverty Alleviation Industry Fund to achieve the synergistic effect of industrial development and targeted poverty alleviation.