Xiong Wei, General Manager of Lingrui Pharmaceutical Attends the 2018 West Lake Forum to Discuss the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry

April 9-12, 2018, the 2018 West Lake Forum and the 9th China Pharmaceutical Materials Association Chain Drugstore Branch Annual Meeting was held in Hangzhou. The theme of this forum was "Resonance • Regeneration " committed to promoting an innovative, streamlined and integrated health industry environment, in order to invigorate the development of health companies and establish a new ecology. 


The West Lake Forum was founded in 2013 and has been held in Hangzhou for five consecutive years. As the Chinese health industry's annual event, and an important platform for cooperation between growing health companies, the Forum has certain achievements and influence in leading and promoting the cooperation of health companies and the development of China's overall health industry.

Xiong Wei, General Manager, Delivers a Speech 

On the afternoon of April 10th, at the forum for "Inheritance and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs", Chairman of the forum Xiong Wei, General Manager of Lingrui Pharmaceutical was invited to deliver a speech. As a council member of the Healthy Future Entrepreneurs Association, he expressed his hopes to strengthen the value of the platform through mutual cooperation, bring more fresh blood into the Association, further enhance the association's influence and standing in the pharmaceutical industry, jointly promote the integration of industrial resources, share innovative ideas, boost the growth of industry benefits and participate in the reform and development of the overall health industry. 


At the roundtable session, Mr. Xiong and other health field entrepreneurs of the Healthy Future Entrepreneurs Association focused on "Internet and Industry Chain Thinking". 

They discussed and brainstormed how to embrace the Internet age, as well as how to explore, innovate and improve the cooperation model of industrial and commercial enterprises through the establishment of standardized commercial communication platforms in order to promote strategic cooperation in an era of increased connectivity and networking. 


On the evening of April 10, the 9th China Medical Material Association Awards Ceremony, Lingrui Pharmaceutical won the 2018 OTC Gold Marketing Case Award for its “China Cervical Spondylosis Day”. Lingrui Pharmaceutical's main product, Meridian Obstruction Removing Pain Relieving Plaster Patch is the only external plaster for treatment of cervical spondylosis in China. Its symptomatic treatment and effectiveness lead to glowing positive customer reviews.


OTC Gold Marketing Case Award Trophy 

In the new retail era, Lingrui Pharmaceutical will continue adhering to the brand concept of “Compassion for all Suffering for None” and commit to providing patients with high quality and safe medication. At the same time, it will comprehensively improve service capabilities in the OTC field. Through experience activities and customized training, we will enhance brand influence and strengthen all-around cooperation with the chain industry!