Lingrui Debuts at Shanghai Exhibition Center - The World Loves Chinese Brands



On May 10, 2018, the first ever "Chinese Brand Day" was held and co-sponsored by a number of Chinese government departments. The grand opening was kicked off with a series of activities at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. 




The “Chinese Brand Day" series featured “The World Loves Chinese Brands” as the theme and brought together the proudest national brands of China. Across the country, there were more than 50 exhibition delegations, 600 domestic famous brand enterprises, more than 100 innovative SMEs and 20 brand service organizations present at the exhibition, showing the world the charm and allure of Chinese brands. 




After more than two decades of development and growth, Lingrui Pharmaceutical has finally developed a group and scale operation trend; with promising technological innovation initiatives, industrial chain integrating production, as well as research and development. The Group owns a number of scientific research and production sites. Among them, the Plaster Division located in Lingrui Eco-Industrial Park in Xin County is the largest production site for external medicine in China. After expansion, it will be able to produce billions of paste plaster products annually. The Lingrui Xinyang Health Industrial Park is currently serving as an advanced and large-scale oral domestic drug production site;




The Lingrui Beijing Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Enterprise Technology Center are the company’s scientific and technological research and development sites. The total assets of the company amount to more than 3 billion RMB yuan with nearly 6,000 employees. Its annual profit tax reached 500 million RMB yuan which acts as a strong support pillar to the development of the local social economy. 




In recent years, under the leadership of General Manager of Ling Rui Pharmaceutical Xiong Wei, the management team successfully and proactively adapted to the new economic setting through continuous reform and innovation. They adhered to the modernization and development of the health industry, adding special features to the main plaster products as well as vigorously implementing their brand innovation strategies. They strive to make Lingrui the number one brand in the industry. Lingrui Pharmaceuticals also makes full use of its brand, capital, talent and technical advantages while focusing on its main products; winning the "Healthy China Brands List" for 6 consecutive years. With the motto of “Higher standards of quality in the global health industry, strengthening and expanding Lingrui brand”, Lingrui seized the opportunities to implement the differentiation, technology, management innovation, resource integration and capital operation needed to succeed. Endless innovation and development mean that the company is actively involved in many fields, such as financial investment, medicine, healthcare, agriculture and forestry industry processing. It presents a good trend of sustained and healthy development that opens a new chapter in the secondary entrepreneurship of Lingrui. 




The Lingrui Pharmaceutical production management team regards product quality as a top priority. It strictly follows the GMP standard for production and meticulously performs three levels of quality inspection procedures. The supplier management system is adhered to with extreme diligence. A joint working group, composed of multiple departments, has been set up specifically with rigorous dynamic management by conducting a full range of field visits to suppliers from qualifications, scale, and quality control staff. At the same time, the company continues to strengthen technological innovation and product development capabilities. Post-doctoral Research Stations, Academician Workstations, and a nationally recognized enterprise technology center have been established. It has improved product quality inspections and testing significantly, in order to ensure quality. 




By relying on scientific and technological innovation and implementing brand strategy, the brand image of Lingrui has been continuously growing. The main products of the company, such as Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch (Bone Hyperostosis Relief Plaster), Stomach Ache-Free Tablets, Musk Bone-strengthening and Pain-relieving Plaster Patch were named as Henan Famous Brand Products. Stomach Ache-Free Tablets also won the National New Product New Technology Expo Gold Award. The Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch (Bone Hyperostosis Relief Plaster) and Cerebral Circulation Reinvigoration and Restoration Capsules were identified as "National Community Health Education Model Products”. The company has received "National Top 50 Chinese Medicine Enterprise" and "National Enterprise Technology Center" as well as other honors. 

With “Integrity and accountability for the benefit of mankind” as the company vision, Lingrui is committed to building China's excellent pharmaceutical reputation as the first brand for transdermal patches in China, and the world at large.