Beauty’s Energy: Camellia Legend ®


Camellia Legend ®

Camellia oil is made by cold-press from the camellia fruit, grown only in China and Japan. It is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, plant collagen and antioxidants. Its preciousness and health benefits have been known for thousands of years. 

Camellia oil contains unique molecules that make it light and mild. It is edible, contains nutrients for natural moisturizing, is firming and anti-inflammatory (making it easy to penetrate and moisturize the skin), locks in hydration, and softens fine lines that come with age.


The elastin and collagen in Camellia oil can stimulate cell renewal, restore smoothness and firmness of the skin, delay aging, as well as heal scars. Camellia oil also has excellent penetration characteristics for hair and is a natural and healthy hair growth agent. 

Asian women have been well aware of the magic of camellia oil on the skin and hair. It is their secret to everlasting beauty. 


Henan Lingrui Group in China is committed to the development of organic, healthy, and edible camellia oil. Based on this concept, it focuses on products that unleash each individual’s inner beauty! 

After years of research and development, a 2018 collaboration with American scientists led to the launch of a unique product line of Camellia Oil Skin Care – Camellia Legend®. With a modern formula, the magical effect was even more magnificent; a fusion of nature and science, camellia oil radiates with beautiful energy. 


All Camellia Legend products are rich in camellia extract originated from the wild ancient camellia forest of Xin County in the hinterland of China's Dabie Mountains,gentle and pure, it is the ultimate companion in the journey for everlasting beauty.


Camellia Legend® Products



Camellia Vitamin C Jelly – A Morning Boost and a Night Recovery

The Vitamin C jelly is enriched with camellia extract. We designed an innovative formula concept in which the Vitamin C is micro-emulsified which helps to stabilize and deliver it. The micro-emulsion will penetrate the skin faster than a regular emulsion, which helps Vitamin C to perform at optimum efficacy. The jelly can help to smooth down wrinkles, stimulating cell renewal and brighten the skin.


Camellia Oil Face Firming Serum – Give Your Face a Lift, Promote a Youthful Appearance

The Face Firming Serum is powered by innovated technology that delivers camellia oil and its actives in the most potent and efficacious way to the right skin receptors. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, an anti-aging gold standard combined with the natural antibiotics, which is an encapsulated form of this powerful anti-oxidant ingredient. They work synergistically to reduce irritation and inflammation caused by radicals. Therefore to soothe wrinkles, reduce the appearance of visible pigmentation and enhance skin firmness. This brand new innovative formula helps to slow down aging.


Camellia Oil Clear and Rejuvenate Serum – Sub-Micron Structure for Severe Acne Relief

This serum carries dual-action of anti-blemish and dark spot corrector. The Linoleic Acid contained in camellia oil balances the skin and repairs skin flaws and scars. The antioxidant can effectively counter hyperpigmentation. A time release of Salicylic Acid reduces blemishes. The gentle exfoliation helps expose skin’s youthful radiance and clarity. Our advanced technology keeps the multiple ingredients from counteracting one another and time releases them to maximize efficiency.


Camellia Oil Ageless Retinol Custard – Enhance Firmness and Boost Hydration

Camellia is known for its powerful antibiotics and anti-oxidant profile. Retinol as the gold standard ingredient can smooth wrinkles, stimulate cell renewal. Our unique encapsulation technology can not only protect Retinol from oxidation but also deliver it to the right skin receptor in the most potent and efficacious way. All the active ingredients are encapsulated in the core. By stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan this lotion can effectively reduce fine lines around eyes and promote a youthful appearance.


Camellia Oil Clarifying Mask - A Powerful Nourish Formula

Our Camellia Oil Clarifying Mask is powered with proprietary encapsulation technology that delivers actives in the most potent and efficacious way without causing skin irritation. Camellia oil contains high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, skin vitamins, polyphenols and other nutrients to exert anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and absorb deep toxins in the skin. The encapsulated form of Salicylic Acid was designed to laser-target the sites of bacterial infection and deep clean the skin. Oxygen-releasing species delivers oxygen to the skin receptors to assist the cells with the energy production. The super stable form of Vitamin C helps with the overall skin healing and improvement.


Camellia Anti-Aging Hand Scrub – Pamper Your Hands the Same Way

This is a luxurious formula. The role is not limited to moisturizing. The Squalene contained in camellia oil helps reinforce the skin’s barrier. The formula also offers a gentle chemical exfoliation using Lactic Acid combined with a mechanical exfoliation using Jojoba Beads which blocks the melanosomes transfer and reduces visible dark spots. Hyaluronic Acid, an anti-aging gold standard, help to rejuvenate skin through stimulation of cell renewal, prevents visible hyperpigmentation, addressing signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and loose, dry skin.

All Camellia Legend products are rich in camellia extract originated from the wild ancient camellia forest of Xin County in the hinterland of China's Dabie Mountains, gentle and pure, it is the ultimate companion in the journey for everlasting beauty.