Lingrui U.S. and ShanCha Inc. Engaged in the Princeton ArtsFest

On April 29, 2018, Lingrui Pharmaceutical U.S. R & D Center and ShanCha Inc. participated in the annual Princeton Communiversity ArtsFest, organized by the Arts Council of Princeton together with Princeton University students.


Now the 48th time that this event has been held, there were 200 booths displaying various traditional arts and modern handicrafts from all over the world on display and a wide variety of food.


The wonderful dancing, singing, and instrumental performances went on for over 5 hours on the 6 different stages and created a rich artistic atmosphere.


Each year, the festival attracts thousands of people. There are as many as 40,000 attendants this year, among them countless art lovers from all around. The festival has become the largest and oldest major cultural and arts event in central New Jersey.

Lingrui Pharmaceutical U.S R&D Center and ShanCha Inc. showcased their product line at the event. There were the star products - Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plaster Patch, Lingrui global health products - Herb Green Tea, Black Tea, Ginkgo Leaves Teabags, Brown Sugar Ginger Tea, the pure plant formula skincare products - Aloe Vera Gel, and the “magic” products - Pediatric Abdominal Pain-relieving Plaster Patch, Pediatric Fever Relieving Patch, and tasty Mushroom Sauce, etc.


The booth attracted the attention of people from all cultures. Visitors expressed their interest in the background of Lingrui Group as well as the current developments of its R&D Center in the U.S. 

They also gained a detailed understanding of the efficacy and usage of the health products on display. They showed a strong interest in these healthcare products from China.


ShanCha Inc. prepared camellia oil samples on-site for guests to taste. Paired with both bread and salad, the camellia oil was well received. The fresh, grease-free camellia oil won the hearts of many curious samplers, piquing their curiosity in camellia oleifera; a rare edible oil in the United States market. 

Many guests raised various questions on the origin, production process and efficacy of camellia oil. In particular, students from Princeton University were the most inquisitive.


ShanCha staff enthusiastically answered their questions one by one. The guests learned that the camellia oil they just tasted comes from the Millennium wild camellia tree in the deep mountains of China. The fruits are hand-picked, physically squeezed, and are fully organic and natural. The oil has obtained dual organic certificates, in both China and the United States. 

Compared with other healthy edible oils such as olive oil, camellia oil is more resistant to high temperatures, contains more unsaturated fatty acids, and is overall healthier. Everyone was amazed at what camellia oil could do.

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Through Princeton Communiversity ArtsFest, Lingrui Pharmaceutical U.S. R&D Center and ShanCha Inc. introduced and showcased these great products to the local population.

It not only gave them the opportunity to have a face-to-face understanding of health products from China, but the brand itself also impressed them. The company had a strong showing at the festival and took a significant step forward in the international development of Lingrui Group.