Profile of Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical US R & D Center LLC.


Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Ltd., focusing on pharmaceutical production and operation, is one of the key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Program of China and the first listed company of the Chinese medical adhesive plaster industry. 

Lingrui Pharma., founded in June 1992, is a joint venture formed by Antelope Mountain Pharmaceutical Factory of Henan and Ruixing Company of Hong Kong. It successfully got listed in October 2000 and has developed into a nationally-renowned pharmaceutical enterprise. At present, the company has more than 10 sharing and holding subsidiaries located in Beijing, Changzhou, Zhengzhou, Xinyang etc. Moreover, Lingrui Pharma.


owns a number of scientific research and production bases, among which the eco-industrial park located in Xin County, is the largest production base of adhesive plasters in China; the Xinyang Science and Technology park located in Xinyang, as an advanced large-scale production center of oral medications; along with Lingrui Medication Research Institute as well as Lingrui Weiye Science and Technology Ltd. located in Beijing are our company’s research and development centers.

Our company, with total assets of ¥1.5 billion and annual taxes of over ¥100 million, has grown into a pillar of the local economic development. 

The company now manufactures ten different dosage forms such as adhesive plasters, tablets, capsules, granules, and tinctures etc., covering over 100 product varieties, including our star products with exclusive intellectual property such as Meridian Obstruction Removing and Pain Relieving Plasters, Cerebral Circulation Reinvigoration and Restoration Capsules, Salvia Root and Deer-horn Gelatin Tablets for Promoting Blood Circulation, Stomachache Free Tablets, Ginseng and Astragalus Hypoglycemic Capsules and so on.

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With unique recipes, top-class raw materials, excellent workmanship and evident curative effect, the products of Lingrui enjoy a high prestige in China. All our dosage forms, products and workshops have passed the national GMP certification so as to make our quality system accord with international standards. 

Lingrui Group is following the need of market, working on expanding overseas markets. In 2013, the R&D Center was incorporated in New Jersey, USA, next to many world-renowned pharmaceutical groups.

Lingrui group will targeting at the US market through three channels to develop new business. Firstly, to strengthen the expansion of overseas markets and to develop our own business. Secondly, to take advantage of our international platform, with advanced international pharmaceutical companies to communicate and explore. Thirdly, to seek for strategic partners for international cooperation.





Board Chairman
of Lingrui Group

Weizheng Xiong


Board Chariman of Lingrui Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Jianjun Cheng



Wei Xiong

a李进 -副总经理 -.jpg

Chairman of
Supervisory Board

Jin Li


Speech of President Xiong Weizheng 

Through decades of efforts, Lingrui Pharma. has rapidly grown into a large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise of China,which continuously seeks further expansion and development. “To build our career by good credibility, to benefit mankind’s health by good medicines” is our enterprise’s philosophy, and “unity, progress, innovation, dedication” is the spirit of our team. We adhere to innovation, implement the strategy of attracting talented personnel to prosper our enterprise, combine high technology with traditional medicine, and harmonize modern concept with advanced culture. Willing to share resources and mutual development, we will be more competitive and make more outstanding achievements. We live in a new era with new opportunities as well as new challenges. Facing fierce competition in the market, Lingrui will work with all colleagues and friends to make relentless efforts for the bright future of the pharmaceutical career and the health of all mankind.

Main Honors



Advanced Group in Pharmaceutical Industry of China

Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station

National Leading Enterprise in Poverty Alleviation

National Certified Enterprise Technology Center


Credit Construction and Promotion Governing Unit of Henan Province


Provincial Advanced Hygienic Standard Unit


Harmonious Labor Relations Model Enterprise of Henan Province


Contract Honoring and Commercial Integrity Maintaining Enterprise of Henan Province